Sunday, January 1, 2012

On the Eve, Eve of the Iowa Caucus...Let The Election Games Begin!

Iowa Poll on Sunday before the Caucus reports......


......Romney leads at 24 percent, Paul has 22 percent and Rick Santorum, 15 percent.

Newt Gingrich is at 12 percent, Rick Perry, 11 percent, and Michele Bachmann, 7 percent.

The total of Gingrich, Perry and Bachmann is 30

Take half of Gingrich 6, 2/3rds of Perry's 9 and 6.85 of Bachmann and total it 21.85 add to Santorum you get 15 plus 21.85 you get 36.85.

Now, take the other half of *Gingrich 6, the remainder of Perry 2, and .15 of Bachmann give it to let’s just say Romney and not Paul because Paul has pretty much leveled out. Anyway, give it to Romney which the total is 8.15 and he has 24 plus 8.15 and that is 32.15. This is less than Santorum but more than Paul.

Santorum 36.85
Romney 32.15
Paul 22

*The wild card in the deal is Gingrich because he appeals to independents and moderates more of those could be spread out over Paul and Romney instead making it more of a two man race but I don’t think so considering how the spread shows the way it spreads across the remaining three candidates. People are still trying to make a decision. We have our top three but who knows who the others will spread the vote out in the next primary. Remember, it came down to Romney and Huckabee in 2008 which is a moderate/conservative vote and that is what the fight is about. Really no difference here just a little more dicey.

That is the vote for a Santorum-Conservative vote spread out over the others right now and that is my best guess if the others dropped out today. We will see.

Happy New Year and all that jazz!

Not much to see here just move's 2012!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Why Is Your Church Still Promoting Rick Warren?

That's right did you sit in Church last Sunday and hear a video presentation that Rick Warren as the on-air host? Well, if you haven't heard by now your world just got a little smaller because Rick Warren continues to swoon unknowing congregates to globalist, common good, we are the world philosophy and that Allah is the same as the Jewish-Christian God of the Bible, which couldn't be farther from the truth. He has set up a system for followers to purchase his books and materials directly and through churches but also to direct pastors and teachers to keep their flocks of sheeple in close check.

Read the following articles to find out just what you are being fed:

Books: Purpose Driven Life, 40 Days of Love, The Relationship Principles of Jesus by Warren's Brother In Law, Tom Holloday.

I hope next Sunday or before next Sunday when you confront your Sunday School Teacher or Pastor, Deacon or Elder that you remember our little talk and remember at that time when they look at you funny that you really don't have a horn growing out your forehead. It's not just hearsay it really is true. BAAAAAAA!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Susan G. Komen Gives $$ To Planned Parenthood

What is the link between Susan G. Komen Foundation Awareness for Breast Cancer – a self proclaimed organization who works at saving the lives of women diagnosed with breast cancer and Planned Parenthood – an anti-life organization that seeks extractions of human life for financial gain. Do you have a guess?

Let’s look at some facts about the Susan G. Komen Foundation which when first began may have started out as a serious life saving group but may have changed when you consider the following:

-U.S. has 115 Susan G. Komen Affiliates. 43 of these Susan G. Komen Affiliates have given grants[money] to Planned Parenthood Center/abortion clinics.
-100 total grants to Planned Parenthood/since 1998 by the Foundation.
-donations totaled nearly 700 hundred thousand dollars from 2009-2010 and continue.
-breast cancer increases 20 to 50 percent if a woman has an abortion. reports the link between breast cancer and abortion. This is information that the media and Planned Parenthood choose to keep hidden from women about the effects of abortion.

Website and information supporting truthful awareness on this issue by the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer.

Power Point Presentation by the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer that explains the biological changes of a woman’s body as it is affected by pregnancy/abortion.

Not sure you've had enough information yet? Watch this brief 5 minute video below about a woman that says her medical problems began after her abortion and use of contraceptives.

The Challenge to you! The connection between abortion and breast cancer are too numerous to ignore once you consider all the information that is found in these links above. Our media today would rather hide the truth. It would be like putting the genie back in the bottle. Before you read the information, didn’t you think that Planned Parenthood was a harmful organization to women and the Susan G. Komen Foundation was a great one? Now that you know the truth, doesn’t this new information shine new light on the Foundation? It does me and it should you. Please consider the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer the next time you buy PINK or wear PINK. Send them your donation. Tell others the truth now that you know. That is the life that you can give back to those in the womb and outside of the womb.

Others resources:
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By Kathleen Gilbert

Does the Susan B Komen foundation donate to Planned Parenthood?-
Question from Deborah on 8/24/2009:
by EWTN forum

The Blaze-
Breast Cancer Foundation Gave More Than $500K to Planned Parenthood Last Year

by Madeleine Morgenstern


UAB Research for Cancer-

Lists Susan G. Komen Foundation and the National Cancer Institute as affiliate associations which are two of the organizations that refuse to list the breast cancer/abortion increase in a women as a resource on their website.

KOMEN’S Darkside is it PINK Money?

Testimony about Abortion/Breast Cancer Victim-

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