Friday, May 22, 2009

What Does a Cheese Sandwich, a Grill, a Cheeto and a Tortilla Chip Have In Common?

Well, I'm not going to tell you just yet but I will tell you that they belong to the category of weird, unusual and bizarre. If I give you some hints that two have to do with cheese, three are edible, two are made from corn, two have something to do with the Virgin Mary, one with Jesus and the other the devil. Have you guessed it yet?

Remember, back in 1987, before the days of the internet, various television and newspaper reports told of the image of the Virgin Mary as seen on the outside of a grilled-cheese sandwich? See article. The lady who purchased it claims that "the sandwich had brought her luck" with some casino winnings. An update to the same grill-cheese sandwich that we thought was silly and preposterous sold on ebay for, are you sitting down, $28,000 dollars. Whew! It not only brought her luck it brought her some hefty cash!

Okay, I'm not done yet, again the Virgin Mary's image continues to pop-up in various places and one very recently in Calexico, California on a restaurant grill. Yes, a grill. See article. Because of the large number of viewers, they've since retired the grill and "placed [it] in a shrine in the restuarant's storage room." Really, why not send it to Rome, Italy and let the Pope's cooks use it? Have you solved the mystery of what they have in common yet?

Let's venture further into the even weirder, a woman, while eating from a bag of "Cheetos", a snack food, almost crunched down on an image of "Jesus." Everyone that was interviewed on the video said it was absolutely amazing and couldn't believe the lucky find. Hey, they are lucky that they didn't find a rabbit's foot in that bag instead of Jesus she now calls "Cheesus" but I digress. A CBS reporter indicated this wasn't the first time Jesus had been found in a bag of the "popular snack food." Read article. How about now, any clues yet?

Locally in Alabama, a youth exclaims while eating his usual favorite snack food of "tortilla chips and hot-cheese dip," that he stumbled across the "devil" chip by accident. He said, "it wasn't just any devil chip, it was a "devil-ray or you know, a manta-ray, a fish." He further went on to say that discovering the extraordinary find or lucky find was "way-cool." He hopes to put it on display somewhere maybe even contact Ripley's Believe or Not or the Guinness World Records. The youth added, "maybe I'll be famous even though it wasn't the image of the Virgin Mary or Elvis maybe I was just lucky." Do you have it figured out now? All these finds have nothing tangible in common, just luck. What will you find today?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Birmingham/Shelby Co. Tea Party, July 4th, "Celebrating Freedom"

July 4th 2009 "Celebrating Freedom"
Speaker: Kevin Jackson watch his YouTube Video
Sat. July 4th, gates open at 5:30pm,
Event begins at 6:30 - 9:00pm

Verizon Wireless Music Center, Pelham, AL,Shelby County Fireworks at 9:00pm

Join us as we Celebrate Freedom at the TEA PARTY to rally for our LIBERTY, our ECONOMIC FREEDOMS and the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC Values that we hold dear!

The Tea Party is just one of many rallies occurring all across the nation on Sat., July 4th. Be a part of history, bring your family and don't forget those signs and posters! No profanity please. Originator: Rick Santelli of Chicago who spoke out on the floor of the stock market about our current economic mess. Click here to see the video on YouTube of the "Rick Santelli Rant". As a result the tea party was born, his rant was heard around the world join thousands and be a part of history!!

Local Website: or
Email: RSVP by becoming a Rainy Day Patriot Click Here
Alabama Tea Party TShirts: PreOrder, LIMITED EDITION
FREE Fliers NOW AVAILABLE to download.