Thursday, February 26, 2009

Shelby County Alabama Tea Party Tomorrow!

See latest for April 15th click here
Shelby County Alabama Tea Party

Hwy 280 at the beginning of the crest going into Chelsea
at entrance to Eagle Point Neighborhood

Time: Friday,Feb. 27, 2009 from 12noon - 1pm
Location: Hwy 280

For more info. contact: Zan Green,
cell 205-420-9922; home 205 995-6747
Email address:

This is just one of several protests occurring all across the nation on Friday, Feb. 27th visit: for complete information nationally. To see the video of Rick Santelli that spurned all this on, visit:

Disclaimer: This is a civil and legal protest against the passage of the pork filled Stimulus bill regarding our taxes erroneously spent which was recently passed in our nations capital.

Family Cave Home for Sale on Ebay!!

Looking to purchase a home in 2009? Bids on this unique beauty begin at $300,000 on Ebay. It is snuggled in the mountains near St. Louis, Missouri. I find that the price on this one is a deal when you compare it to others for sale.

Another Cave home for sale in Bisbee, Arizona, the owner is asking $1.9 million.

I can't imagine living in a cave for fear of rocks falling on my head, my feet being cold or maybe even bats flying all around! Yikes!!

Besides, who would want to live in a cave home? Just the wording alone, "cave" connected to "home" just seems to be a contradiction in terms. Maybe the infamous "bat boy" lives in one of these beauties? If you are not familiar with him you may have seen him during the Obama's vacation in Hawaii during the holidays, visit his website at

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

America, She's H. O. T. for U.F.O.'s!!

Popular Mechanics has a report out that shows the TOP HOT SPOTs for UFO sightings in the U.S.
The Top 3 Cities are: Los Angeles, CA., King, WA., and Cook, IL.
The Top 3 Counties are: Westmoreland, PA., Saguach, CO., and Santa Rosa, FL.

The report indicates that sightings are not uncommon around "military bases" and "alledged crash sights" as well as "near Hollywood" where movies about such phenomena are on the minds of the residents.

Just recently, officials at the Winnipeg based Ufology Research Facility in Canada have concurred that UFO sightings have increased by 25%, up from a year ago. No conclusive evidence has surfaced as to "why" the increase but only that access to the internet has helped in reporting such phenomena.

Author/Research L.A. Marzulli says, “While we may disagree as to what the phenomena is, we can agree that it is real, and burgeoning, and not going away.” L.A. Marzulli 2008. See his blog and website for more info and specific information on "WHY" he thinks the increase is occurring at a more rapid pace.

Be sure to listen to the two part interview with L.A. Marzulli and Bill Salus. Bill Salus is the author of the best seller book, Isralestine. He has written several pieces on End Times Bible Prophecy.

If you are interested in a full scope of the "why" as it relates to the Apocalypse and the Ancient Pyramids of Giza, I would recommend you previewing Author/Speaker, Patrick Heron on YouTube and then purchasing his book, The Nephilim and the Pyramid of the Apocalypse. This book was a best seller and #1 on Amazon for two straight years.

Texas Sign Reads...Zombies Ahead!

Could this be a SIGN of the times? Probably not but wouldn't it be funny to be driving down the interstate and read a sign that said, "ZOMBIES AHEAD" or "NAZI ZOMBIES RUN!! or even "THE END IS NEAR! and "RUN FOR COLD CLIMATES!" Apparently, someone had too much time on their hands and with a little technical smarts and a tool to break a lock door on the device, they changed the message on the flashing road sign. The reporter in Austin, Texas asked Sara Hartley of The Austin Public Works Dept. what the signs are used for and she said, "they are for public safety." My question is, If you are taking your eyes off the road long enough to read the flashing sign regardless the message, is that really "public safety?" I would imagine it would not have been good PR for Ms. Hartley to chuckle and make a joke about it.

By the way, what is a Nazi Zombie? What do they look like? This receives an A++ for funny! RUN!!

See the report below:

Thursday, February 19, 2009

America's New Tea Party Part 2 after 233 Years!

Gauntlet thrown down to Obama Administration.

Story headlines read, "Trader Buzz & Rick's Rant", Article excerpt says, "The trading floor buzz on whether the government's plan to save the economy will actually help the markets, with Jason Roney, Sharmac Capital; Wilbur Ross Jr., WL Ross & Co. and CNBC's Rick Santelli."

Remember watching and reading the story about the Pied Piper when we were kids? The premise of the piper was that he lured the children by his music of the flute. Though there are a few versions of the story and one in which Wikipedia says, "that the Piper lured the children into the river and let them drown like the rats." The President has become the Pied Piper of "Hope" and "Change" and now CRISIS, CRISIS, CRISIS but some are speaking out against that philospohy. Entrepeneurs and market capitalists are increasingly fed-up with seeing the country's wealth in the stock market drop from 14,000 to 7,500 in a short six months. Since the inauguration, markets reflect consistent drops each time either the President or one of his officials speak on the television. These market capitalists are sounding the warning and ranting about how the current administration is openly sanctioning taking from the producers of this country and giving to the takers. In other words, the Obama administration is actively encouraging rewarding people who refuse to pay their mortgage, while the American workers, who continue to follow the laws and rules, "pay for their neighbors mortgage."

Rick Santelli says "the government is promoting bad behaviour" and further includes that there will be a Chicago Style Boston Tea Party in July 2009.