Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Alabama Tax Day Tea Party Shelby County Veterans Park Hoover

Call to Action from historian Thomas Payne

Have we gotten so far away to our humble beginnings in this country that we've forgotten what it means to be an American, free with liberty and justice for all? I believe some have, have you? Before you tune me out, watch this video and see if you still have enough muster in you to join thousands of Americans coming together as one voice on April 15th 2009.

Tax Day Tea Party Rally- WE THE PEOPLE coming together for more than taxes and that's where it starts.


*Wed. April 15th, 6:30pm - 9:00pm
*NEW TIMES-LIVE feed for "Hannity's Show" for Fox
Veterans(Spain) Park, Hoover, Valleydale Road, MAP overflow parking at Spain Park High School

l Radio Talk Show Hosts: ~ Steve and Leah ~ Matt Murphy ~ ~ Lee Davis, (who will be broadcasting LIVE reports during the event) ~ join forces with WE THE PEOPLE including speakers: Tim James, Candidate for Governor 2010, Robert Stacey McCain, American Spectator and Washington Times Contributor and MUCH, MUCH, MORE.....at the TAX DAY TEA PARTY to rally for our LIBERTY, our ECONOMIC FREEDOMS and the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC Values that we hold dear!
Organizers would like to thank 960AM WERC, 1070AM WAPI and 101.1FM WYDE.

The Tea Party is just one of many rallies occurring all across the nation on Wed., April 15th. Be a part of history, bring your family, lawn chair, and don't forget those signs and posters! No profanity please. Originator: Rick Santelli of Chicago who spoke out on the floor of the stock market about our current economic mess. Click here to see the video on YouTube of the "Rick Santelli Rant". As a result the tea party was born, his rant was heard around the world join thousands and be a part of history!!

National Website: taxdayteaparty.com

Local Website: shelbycoteaparty.wordpress.com
Email: bhamteaparty@gmail.com Let us hear from you if you are planning to attend!!

Alabama Tea Party TShirts: http://www.cafepress.com/Alabama041509

FREE Fliers click B&W or 4-Color .

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