Thursday, July 23, 2009

Blue Dogs and Pink Monkies, Healthcare...What's the link?

I've seen a pink monkey but I have yet to see the RARE BLUE DOG. What is a blue dog? Recently, they have been in the news a bunch! Like a bunch of bananas!! Why? Why has this rare breed of animal been dispersed for roaming the streets of America? Will they be caught and forever restrained back into their holding cages or will they be euthanized like so many unfortunate animals that get loose for a romp through the neighborhood?

I'm just kidding of course. What I'm really speaking of are the BLUE DOG DEMOCRATS. If you've never heard of these before, check out their website. They are a rare and unique group of politically elected representatives that call themselves "democrat" but are fiscally conservative according to their website. I'm not sure such a beast really exists but like "bigfoot" we've seen video and photos over the years but we've never seen living proof of one!

Steve Elliot of said, "First, like an angry "father", he[President Obama] took Democrat Blue Dogs to the woodshed at a White House closed door meeting. To no one's surprise, they emerged over two hours later having "struck a deal" behind closed doors that is even WORSE..." First of all, I didn't know the White House had a woodshed, I thought they were modernized with electric heat, running water and indoor toilets. It's ashame that President Obama thinks it necessary to go to a woodshed and beat a bunch of dogs!

This reminds me of a story a man who said his father used to beat him like he did his dog but it made him angry and hard hearted as an adult and that it affected him greatly. He further went on to say that his father was using intimidation and force to get what he wanted. I wonder if this is the tactic our president is using - intimadation and force? Look at the language the lead Blue Dog-Mike Ross (AR) said on July 7, 2009. (pdf file) and compare it to the one after his group met with President Obama on July 22, 2009. (pdf file) Do you see the difference? The language in the earlier one sounds like they enjoy the bounty of a free market choice system and that they actually believe it is the way to go. The language in the later one appears to be one that says, I give. ObamaCare is the way to go. Let us only hope it's not too late for these BLUE DOGS and they have a come to Jesus meeting with Jesus at the woodshed and not go along with the woodshed beating of Obama before the vote. What is at stake is our country! The Blue Dogs, if they really exist, may become extinct in 2010 and 2012!!

and tell them you are onto them and that THEY WILL BE VOTED OUT in the next election cycle. HERE'S the link to contacting the ELUSIVE Blue Dog Democrats!

What do you think? Do you think that the blue dog coalition exist for a time such as this?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Will this man be the next Governor of Alabama?

I have heard people say if you like Barack Obama, then you'll love Artur Davis. First of all, the graphic on the left is not Barack Obama. This is U.S. Rep. Artur Davis from Alabama's 7th Congressional District. I've asked myself many times, "Why isn't Artur Davis the President instead of Barack Obama? He is 41 years old, Harvard Graduate and has many years of experience as a representative unlike President Obama's few months as Senator of Illinois.

If you look at the map of Davis's district you will notice that it is oddly carved up, thanks to former President Bill Clinton and includes mostly metro Birmingham and a very sparsely populated western segment of Alabama.

Rep. Davis is known by few but loved by many or is he? With Congressman Davis being a personal friend and huge supporter of the current president. Will he in fact govern like our current administration? Just recently, "Rep. Artur Davis explains his yes vote for the stimulus bill" in an article by WAFF. When the bill was voted on, he never read it. Neither of Alabama's Senators voted for it and Senator Shelby said, "I'd kill it" and Senator Sessions said, "I don't think its good for my children of grand children." In other words it has very little to do with stimulating our economy. The bill has more to do with Obama having a legislative victory early in his tenure in the White House than the effects of "stimulating the economy." Do Alabamaians want this type of philosophy come to their state? He said, "Is it a perfect bill? Of course it's not, but for the state of Alabama, it's going to wipe out proration, potentially, and it will help a lot of people in the state who are struggling right now," he said."

Furthermore he said, "Saving teachers jobs and helping the unemployed receive much needed benefits" are just two of the reasons why Davis said he voted yes.

Let's examine his words, he used the word "POTENTIALLY" which means it could but don't count on it. Then he used the phrasiology "help a lot of people who are struggling right now." That means everyone because the percentage of very wealthy people is so small it is essentially insignificant and therefore we all struggle.

Then we come across the "saving teachers jobs", which really means in Alabama, which has one of the largest Teachers UNIONS in the U.S., vote for me, you owe me and I will take care of the you-the teachers.

Lastly, I read his words helping the "unemployed received much needed benefits" and ponder the question why is that these people are unemployed and what plans does he have for HELPing them get a job instead of GIVING them more of our hard earned money? Sounds like Obamanomics to me with all the political speak and the, you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours' promises.

Here is a video that will attempt to explain the nonsense of trying to explain the current administration and what I believe, will be the struggle Congressman Davis will find himself in very soon.

Why the GOP has been heading down a slippery slope to 2010 and 2012

Video below show how Representative Mike Castle from Delaware stumbles around regarding the birth certificate issue of President Obama. Whether you agree or disagree with the legitimacy of his birth certificate, you've got to admit the representative is clearly not able to handle the conformation with his constitutents, ...We The People. After all, we are the government aren't we?

Locally, we have our own versions of Representative Mike Castles' in the Birmingham, Alabama area who may or may not be in touch with their constituents regarding an illegal OCCUPATIONAL TAX that has been in existence for a number of years. This tax was instituted to levy tax on anyone who had the priviledge of working in the county of Jefferson whether or not they actually live in the county. If you don't know who your representative is, maybe it's time you learned and find out their position regarding this issue.