Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Obama's RISE to being a cult figure.

I dare not let this day pass without refreshing my memory of many of the bizarre images that have come out of this amazing rise of a cult figure beside the fact that he is president of the United States. We've seen him recreated in comic books as Spiderman, Superman and others. We've seen news blogs and websites dedicated to giving a human-like character to his teleprompter. Prior to the election, candidate Obama, signaled to the world that he was more than a possibility to becoming an American President but a serious world figure by speaking to thousands in Berlin, German in front of Victory Column. In the U.S., he was compared to Abraham Lincoln, had many many photos at the Lincoln Memorial, took a train ride prior to his inauguration mimicking Lincoln's same journey to the White House as well as visiting Ford's Theatre where Lincoln took his fatal shot.

In Denver, Colorado, at the site of the 2008 Democratic National Convention Obama gave his acceptance speech in front of the recreation of a greek style facade representing the birth place of democracy. At a parade, spectators saw a large float showing him as an angel with wings and halo while it effortlessly appeared to float along the route in the air. A blogger compared Obama's lean physical body to his own youthful cult figure, "Bat Boy" while the Obama's vacationed in Hawaii.
Lastly, is the comparison to Christ in artwork portraying Obama sitting atop a live donkey and is paraded through the streets mimicking the ride of Christ through the streets of Jerusalem. Today marks his 100th day in office and a painting has been created depicting Barack Obama, holding back a veil or curtain mimicking Christ hanging on the cross. About the only thing that hasn't been depicted yet is Obama being resurrected. I'll be waiting for that graphic depiction and at the rate things are happening, it won't be long.

Many graphic depictions have been created up-to-now. Read how Michele Malkin depicts his first 100 days in office on her blog entitled: "100 days of reckless photo-op hubris" http://michellemalkin.com/2009/04/29/100-days-of-the-poser-presidency/

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Confederate Flag, what's the big deal?

Well living in the south and particularly Alabama, I had to read up on my history a little to see what all the beef was about a flag incident that occurred this week. If you've been following the news about an Auburn City Councilman who admittedly committed an alledged crime by removing personal property from graves by pulling up confederate flags. He claims the flags are a racist symbol, so he removed them. Opelika News Article 1 and Article 2.

I visited the website: http://arebelflag.net/ and others and have concluded that the confederate flag was created to become a symbol for veterans of the confederacy not a racist one. I also discovered that an erroneous group hijacked it and flew it as their own which is where the controversay comes in. It may be that the councilman has over reached in his judgement? You decide. The Birmingham News and Al.com Article 1 and Article 2.

If it is determined that the councilman is found guilty, then maybe his punishment should be having 2,000 confederate flags placed in his yard for one month or standing in the grave yard waving the confederate flag for one hour each day for one week.

Looking For Larry but Where's Waldo?

Kyle Whitmire has done his job. During the last Birmingham mayoral election, then candidate Larry Langford was asked if he had residence in the city of Birmingham. To find out more of the story read what Kyle revealed on the Matt Murphy Show. Kyle is writer for the Birmingham Weekly where he went out and did a little of his own investigating. Better yet, watch the video below and see what he discovered about Birmingham's mayor.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Joe the Plumber knows the FairTax, do you?

Like many hard working Americans, I too would rather bang my head against a wall than to go through all the hassles of getting the taxes prepared for Tax Day, April 15th. Though this is a necessary evil, law abiding citizens, must fill out those tax forms and satisfy the IRS(Internal Revenue Service).

This year though, the tax issue seems to be somewhat popular considering the government has week after week spent gazillions of our money that we don't have. It was hailed that the previous administration spent our money like a drunken sailor but during the very newly formed administration it doesn't compare. It is mind boggling, it's like a whole ship of drunken sailors!!!

Remember the infamous "Joe The Plumber" who became famous because of his question in the last election? He asked then presidential candidate Obama, “I’m getting ready to buy a company that makes $250,000 to $280,000 a year. Your new tax plan is going to tax me more isn’t it?” Mr. Obama's reply which fostered much attention said, “I think that when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.”

Joe The Plumber has been called the "conservatives hero" because of being representative of the average Joe, the American worker, the hard worker, the person whose work keeps this country financially afloat. Working Americans identified with his persona. Joe has now ventured aboard with the FairTax issue. The FairTax is a bill in Congress that does away with the IRS and
  • Enables workers to keep their entire paychecks
  • Enables retirees to keep their entire pensions
  • Refunds in advance the tax on purchases of basic necessities
  • Allows American products to compete fairly
  • Brings transparency and accountability to tax policy
  • Ensures Social Security and Medicare funding
  • Closes all loopholes and brings fairness to taxation
  • Abolishes the IRS

On the FairTax.org website it says further that it is:
  • A progressive national retail sales tax.
  • A prebate to ensure no American pays federal taxes on spending up to the poverty level.
  • Dollar-for-dollar federal revenue neutrality.
  • Repeal of the 16th Amendment through companion legislation.
Wow! Why aren't we already on board with this as a nation? Further reading on the website, I learn that it is the most researched tax reform plan by private funds than any other. This includes the Vat tax and the flat tax which includes our current broken tax system which places a tax on top of a tax and we don't need anymore taxes!

The FairTax is not an additional tax. It is a replacement for our current system and the very best one that I can see. It is transparent at the retail level. In other words, when I purchase a new good or service, the tax on the item will be on my receipt. If our representatives decide to raise my tax, I will see it on my receipt. Awesome!! I'll vote the bums out if that happens, plus I learned that my family will receive money each month up to the poverty level to pay the taxes on the necessities of life. I cannot believe that our nation hasn't gotten all over this one. This plan is fair and equally distributes the burden on taxes fairly across ALL economic and social strata.

Do your own reading on the website and listen to what the average Joes' have to say about it in the two videos.

Friday, April 3, 2009

The "Coon Man" he's called in Detroit, Michigan

Watch the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJFlm6YxMkc

In a Detroit News article by Travels with Charlie, Glemie Dean Beasley calls himself "the coon man." He claims that locally everyone knows him by that name because he kills raccoons for food. He says, "a man's got to know how to get hisself through them hard times. Part of that is eating right." Indeed, Mr. Beasley believes living off the land is the best way. He claims that the meats processed in grocery stores today are full of additives and that they have an expanding effect on consumers. As a licensed hunter and furrier, he shoots raccoons and rabbits with his .22 caliber rifle. He earns around $12 a each and says that they "taste something like mutton or pork" but "has the aroma and texture of opossum." He says, "there are 100 ways to cook a coon." I'm just glad they don't taste like chicken.

As the son of a share cropper growing up in Arkansas, he left school early, picked cotton, was abandoned by a woman "for a man he calls 'Slick Willy.' " Life has been hard for him and claims "he knows hard, his truck was stolen and his dog was killed."

Check out the website backwoodsbound.com for the latest in raccoon recipes.