Wednesday, December 30, 2009

WAPI 1070am-L.A. Marzulli on Politics, Prophecy and the Supernatural

While host Matt Murphy is taking a well deserved break during the holiday season, guest host, Mike Frederick will be interviewing author/researcher, L.A. Marzulli at the 9:00a.m.(Central Time) who has researched the multi-faceted supernatural phenomena regarding UFOs, cattle mutilations, alien abductions, the Shroud of Turin and much, much more. Read his daily blog at or sign up for his monthly newsletter.

L.A. Marzulli, author/researcher
December 30, 2009
Wed. on…..9am - 10am CT
Radio WAPI-am 1070, Birmingham, Alabama

The Matt Murphy Show with guest host Mike Frederick

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2010-A Look At The Horizon

Predictions for 2010
(from various Sources)
End of the world (again)
Year of Yang Metal Tiger
Web bots predict dumping U.S. dollar
A 10000 fold increase in UFO sightings
Deterioration of the magnetosphere
Rioting starts end of summer goes into mid 2010
A star in 2010 shall light up the water
Great catastrophe in 2010
2010 asteroids - India burnt
Palin will announce her candidacy
The complete collapse of the stock market
The economy reverts to the barter system
Gold may rocket up to 1,500 or 2,000
Angry Americans to Form Third Party
Israel will strike against Iran
Year of record snow
Disaster will strike the U.S. in October
Fidel Castro drops dead
Mary sightings reveal her as a "Advanced Being"
The sun will rise in the east, set in the west
Daniel Ott will be named broadcaster of the year
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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Could Obama Beer be in the future?

The Obama's vacation in Kailua, Hawaii occurs amidst an attempted terrorist attack on our country. I'm still waiting for a news conference from the President. I wonder if there will be one? Can you say 911? Can you say another LARGE CARBON FOOT PRINT! Is Camp David closed now?
Anyway, Kailua, Hawaii is home to one of the country's top breweries of beer. The Kona Brewery Company which brews some of the finest beers in the world. They list five of their best beers on their website two of which are: "Long Island Lager"and "Fire Rock Pale Ale". I wonder if one will be named in honor of President Obama since he regularly takes his vacation on this lovely island?

Let's give them some help? Maybe the beer could be called "44" since he is the forty-fourth" President of the U.S. I'm sure if former President Bush had of had one named after him it would have been simply "W". Do you remember former President Carter's brother Billy who had a beer called Billy Beer? It went over with a flop like the presidency of his brother. Believe it or not you can get this full six pack of beer on Ruby Lane's website for $39 dollars! Before the election of Barack Obama a restaurant in New York named their fried chicken on their menu 'Obama Fried Chicken' . They've had the likes of Rev. Al Sharpton protesting, saying this name was racially motivated but I'm guessing Mr. Sharpton to stay in business himself he has to draw attention to such absurdities?

Anyway, the new label could be just "BO" for Barack Obama but BO could be misinterpreted to mean body odor. Now, we couldn't have that. Maybe it could be called "Lefty" which could have a double meaning since he writes with his left-hand and leans to the left-side of liberalism. They could just label it with an "L" but again it could be misinterpreted as "looser" and we couldn't have that either. If any of the previous aren't workable names then maybe just a photo or image of him like the ones seen here. The HOPE poster was used during the campaign which referred to his mantra of HOPE. Maybe after you drink the beer you HOPE you have a job or you HOPE it has some taste or maybe you HOPE you won't have a hangover.

It could be labeled with the poster image of the cartoon character the "Joker" which was created out of the tea party movement as a poster referring to his shaking hands with social dictators such as Hugo Chavez, Muammar al-Gaddafi and others.

The beer could take on a more deified quality and the label could refer to the God-like figure seen here by an artist or a Julius Caesar type figure. Maybe the label could be a plain one referring to the working man like the one seen here on the left. The slogan could read the Working Mans Beer, Simple, FREE and full of sweat.

Whatever label to name it, the taste could entail a light body brew that is weak in taste and leaves you penniless. It comes with a strong aftertaste wishing you had never purchased the brew to begin with. It comes with a high price and will CHANGE your life, your families' life and your country forever. Aloha!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

W.W.J.D.-U.S. Senate Votes to Pay for Abortions

If you are a U.S. Senator and returning home for Christmas to your family, your friends and to the people who voted for you, how is your conscience about now?

The U.S. Senate has just voted to
proceed with a bill that is at best
the worst bill to ever to be written. It pays for abortions, it gives ACORN money to operate, it dictates every aspect of our lives, it takes control over 1/6th of our economy, it calls for sending a person to jail if they don't sign-up and pay for their own HEALTHCARE i.e. $750 is the fine and $3500 for having healthcare-it applies to everyone. It will cost the income and wage earner trillions and that is trillion with a capital "T" for FREE HEALTHCARE, I might add. We will be paying for Nebraska's Medicare in total which will occur as a result of a bribe to acquire Rep. Ben Nelson's vote. It is the 100,000 Million dollar bribe. Written in the bill are areas of legislation where there is no option for repeal of any kind.

Let me remind you that when the Pandora's Box has been opened does anything return as before and it is closed? I will remind you that th
e draconian income tax bill which was enacted in 1913 has never been reversed or repealed. It puts us as income and wage earners on our knees to unwillfully give-up money through our pay checks every day, every week and every year. Our U.S. representatives, help themselves to the platter of money when they vote on such bills like the HealthCare Reform Bill that our Senators have just voted in favor. Do you know Mr. FICA? Have you heard of the FairTax?

The most egregious effect of this bill is that our Constitution has been trampled on. Our representatives have failed to uphold this document by voting for this bill and
forcing us to buy a product that we do not want. The bill is unconstitutional. Our government is out of control.

What would Jesus do? I don't know but I have an idea that if Rome had of enacted this healthcare i.e. paying for abortions as a decree during the time of his birth, Mary and Joseph would have fled and he would still been born.

Is Jesus happy with this decision?
I don't know that either but one thing is for sure those who have made this decision will be judged accordingly by their creator, their judge and their God. I just wish that these representatives didn't represent me as a U.S. citizen because where one is judged we are all guilty.