Thursday, December 24, 2009

W.W.J.D.-U.S. Senate Votes to Pay for Abortions

If you are a U.S. Senator and returning home for Christmas to your family, your friends and to the people who voted for you, how is your conscience about now?

The U.S. Senate has just voted to
proceed with a bill that is at best
the worst bill to ever to be written. It pays for abortions, it gives ACORN money to operate, it dictates every aspect of our lives, it takes control over 1/6th of our economy, it calls for sending a person to jail if they don't sign-up and pay for their own HEALTHCARE i.e. $750 is the fine and $3500 for having healthcare-it applies to everyone. It will cost the income and wage earner trillions and that is trillion with a capital "T" for FREE HEALTHCARE, I might add. We will be paying for Nebraska's Medicare in total which will occur as a result of a bribe to acquire Rep. Ben Nelson's vote. It is the 100,000 Million dollar bribe. Written in the bill are areas of legislation where there is no option for repeal of any kind.

Let me remind you that when the Pandora's Box has been opened does anything return as before and it is closed? I will remind you that th
e draconian income tax bill which was enacted in 1913 has never been reversed or repealed. It puts us as income and wage earners on our knees to unwillfully give-up money through our pay checks every day, every week and every year. Our U.S. representatives, help themselves to the platter of money when they vote on such bills like the HealthCare Reform Bill that our Senators have just voted in favor. Do you know Mr. FICA? Have you heard of the FairTax?

The most egregious effect of this bill is that our Constitution has been trampled on. Our representatives have failed to uphold this document by voting for this bill and
forcing us to buy a product that we do not want. The bill is unconstitutional. Our government is out of control.

What would Jesus do? I don't know but I have an idea that if Rome had of enacted this healthcare i.e. paying for abortions as a decree during the time of his birth, Mary and Joseph would have fled and he would still been born.

Is Jesus happy with this decision?
I don't know that either but one thing is for sure those who have made this decision will be judged accordingly by their creator, their judge and their God. I just wish that these representatives didn't represent me as a U.S. citizen because where one is judged we are all guilty.


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