Monday, March 22, 2010

Rep. John Boehner speech

Great speech but do you really think the GOP get it? We've begged them to pass great bills for years and years but they took a deaf ear and ignored us. Let me tell you just a couple of bills that would have kept us from this horrible demise we see in this false healthcare bill. The FairTax and Audit the Fed Bills. I'm not going to tire you with the details now go do your own research. Both bills have been around for years.

Anyway, people I talk to say these politicians are just that politicians, two-sides of the same coin and that the GOPers are simply preening their feathers waiting to get their turn at the power regardless how they got there.
What do you think?

Watch the GOP Minority Leader Rep. John Boehner video below of his speech just after passage of the draconian healthcare takeover. I believe his shaming to his colleagues is a little too late. Nice try but it is an applaudible performance. I'm just not convinced they get it yet.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Why Should I Vote For Former Democrat Bradley Byrne As Governor?

Let's read from his website,

"Most recently, Bradley was appointed by the Alabama State Board of Education in May 2007 as Chancellor of the Alabama Department of Postsecondary Education, to serve as the chief executive officer of Alabama’s two-year college system. The system was plagued with well-publicized problems. An entrenched system of corruption needed great reforms to return to the core mission of educating students and preparing them for the workforce. Bradley’s reform efforts were successful. Working with a dedicated team, Bradley righted the two-year college system, and the ongoing effort to serve students and the people of Alabama has been refocused to its proper goals."

Okay lots of fluff there but my thought is this, it says he was "appointed" which translates to being picked by his peers. Well, that's okay but WE THE PEOPLE didn't find him worthy to elect him into office, his peers picked him. Granted he had to have earned it but it's a different economy now. In the 2010 primaries, we have our opportunity to get it right.

The next thing is that I've heard conservative Republican minded parents of elementary school children say that they were going to vote for former Democrat Bradley Byrne because he has stood-up for education and against Paul Hubbert the Executive Secretary of the AEA. Again, being picked as Chancellor of the two-year colleges, has NOTHING to do with elementary schools. The pickers were from the LARGEST UNION in Alabama, the Alabama State Board of Education. Besides, on it was reported, "He[Byrne] fought the organization over a ban on legislators working at two-year colleges and other education jobs." It doesn't sound like this union boss was picking a fight, there was no need too. Frankly, former Democrat Byrne saw an opportunity to push himself in the limelight of Alabamians and created a crisis.

These parents that I spoke too, have heard that something good has been said about education and that the good thing will leach over into their own child's elementary education. These parents are uninformed. They should dig deeper and do their research not just listening but reading! Forget the corruption that he wiped out some tidbit of corruption on a couple of legislators from colleges during his time as Chancellor. Is your child's education really improved as a result of his time in this office? If you live in or near a large city in Alabama, you may not see much change but if you live in a more rural part of Alabama, you know that there is much inequality to a district that has few tax dollars and fewer voters. The two never add up the same.

Here's a video that may best describe the former Democrat Bradley Byrne campaign:

I would entertain the thought and it's a long shot that former Democrat Bradley Byrne was primed for this 2010 election way back when. It's a long shot but wouldn't it be a funny coincidence if former Democrat Bradley Byrne changed his party affiliation to run for governor of Alabama? Alabama is a red state and politicians know that. Even more of a coincidence would be for Senator Richard Shelby to retire in 2011/12 and former Democrat Bradley Byrne as Governor appoint Bob Riley as Senator. Nothing is impossible. Stranger things have happened before.

I remember another candidate in 2006 that reminds me of the former Democrat Bradley Byrne and his campaign.
Watch Video:

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Is Roy Moore the 2010 Candidate to debate the Liberal Democrat Agenda?

Roy Moore 2010 Republican candidate for governor in Alabama has seen his share of conflict in the recent past. His character and integrity has been sliced and diced like julienne fries as Chief Justice. His stand on the issues of God and the Ten Commandments have afforded him the only candidate which has had extreme pressure placed on him yet he has managed to float to the top like the cream from the milk.

In Alabama, we are living in a volatile time. Taxes are almost certain to rise, jobs are being lost and promises broken. We see examples of good for bad and bad for good, who do we trust? We are sick and tired of seeing elected officials that don't keep their word. Do we elect someone that has demonstrated the ability to emerge from the fire only to fight another day? We need someone that has stood the test of time. There are three people that constitutionally have authority to protect Alabamians from the federal government, it is the local sheriff, the attorney general and the governor. Do you know who they are? Who will stand in the gap for you if push comes to shove?

Watch these two videos and seriously consider whether or not Candidate Roy Moore is in the best position to debate the liberal mindset that has invaded the Democrat Party of 2010 and to protect Alabamians against a tyrannical federal government. Is he the person that leads and represents Alabamians foe after the primary of June 1, 2010?

Video Link:

Video Link:

Friday, March 5, 2010

Millions Repent, Fast and Pray in Haiti?

Beginning February 12, 2010 for three days one-million people fasted and prayed for their nation. Haitians came for three days from 6:00am to 6:00pm crying out to God to forgive them and heal their country.

On May 1, 2010, Americans are asked to meet in Washington, D.C. to repent, fast and pray, calling on God to heal our country. Join millions on that day wherever you are and put it on your heart and your calendar. We need revival in this land.

Watch this amazing video,

L.A.Marzulli, Last Days Conference, Nashville, TN April 23-24

Others to speak: