Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy St. Green Ketchup Day!

With all the talk about going green today and in honor of St. Patrick's Day, Lord Mandelson gets the green in the face. I'm talking about green ketchup. Instead of giving him a good old American pie in the face, an english protestor gave him a cup o' green. An activist by the name of Leila Deen was dipping her french fries in a cup of green ketchup, when Mandelson gets out of his car, she throws the green goo in his face! How's that for a protest!! Since no damage was done, she was allowed to walk away. Apparently, she was protesting while the "government representatives and business leaders" were in town "to discuss the 'greening' of industry and opportunities for new jobs." She said essentially the reason she did it was that Mandelson was "pretending to be green." Well, she got her wish, with green ketchup in the face, he's green now!!

See the video below of the event:

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