Friday, March 20, 2009

Obama Trashes The Special Olympics! Watch Video Here.

The media has been frothing about a sitting president being on the Jay Leno show this week. He was guest on his show last night and made some very disparaging remarks that places him in a bit of a quandry. Usually, a president is on the down slope of his last eight years and is called a "lame duck" and can say many things that no one notices but this was different. The term lame duck came some years ago meaning that the leader is essentially in a state of being "ineffectual" at this juncture of his career as president or as website puts it, "A person or thing that isn't properly able to function, especially one that was previously proficient." After you view this video, you may agree that he has already arrived!

In the video host Jay Leno asks the President how his bowling and his basketball skills have been since being in the White House. His response is inconceivable, considering he's the President of the United States. In light of his voting not once, not twice, but three times in the state of Illinois to uphold the killing of babies called the partial birth abortion bill gives him an out on coldness. What he said is overtly cold and deserves an apology to the children and their parents who are affected by this mentally and physically challenging situation. If he does issue one, then this gives him a pass on saying whatever he wishes, whenever he wishes, apparently, that's free speech.

Before I could finish this blog entry, an apology was given and it was all that I expected. Our President has just demonstrated yet again his ability to talk from both sides of his mouth. Now, I would like to see him return to the Jay Leno Show and apologize to his host and the American people with out his teleprompter.

On the flip side of the coin let's contrast what Sarah Palin had to say as a true supporter of the special olympics as express by her and evidenced by her baby who has Downs Syndrone. Watch the video below:

Further more a physically challenged man from Ann Arbor, Michigan tells President Obama, "Bring it On!" Kolan McConiughey a Special Olympics Champion who bowls 266 to Obama's pithy 129 which he recently bragged and boasted about on the Tonight Show. Mr. McConiughey sets out to challenge the President and beat him. See video below:

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