Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Texas Sign Reads...Zombies Ahead!

Could this be a SIGN of the times? Probably not but wouldn't it be funny to be driving down the interstate and read a sign that said, "ZOMBIES AHEAD" or "NAZI ZOMBIES RUN!! or even "THE END IS NEAR! and "RUN FOR COLD CLIMATES!" Apparently, someone had too much time on their hands and with a little technical smarts and a tool to break a lock door on the device, they changed the message on the flashing road sign. The reporter in Austin, Texas asked Sara Hartley of The Austin Public Works Dept. what the signs are used for and she said, "they are for public safety." My question is, If you are taking your eyes off the road long enough to read the flashing sign regardless the message, is that really "public safety?" I would imagine it would not have been good PR for Ms. Hartley to chuckle and make a joke about it.

By the way, what is a Nazi Zombie? What do they look like? This receives an A++ for funny! RUN!!

See the report below:

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