Thursday, February 26, 2009

Family Cave Home for Sale on Ebay!!

Looking to purchase a home in 2009? Bids on this unique beauty begin at $300,000 on Ebay. It is snuggled in the mountains near St. Louis, Missouri. I find that the price on this one is a deal when you compare it to others for sale.

Another Cave home for sale in Bisbee, Arizona, the owner is asking $1.9 million.

I can't imagine living in a cave for fear of rocks falling on my head, my feet being cold or maybe even bats flying all around! Yikes!!

Besides, who would want to live in a cave home? Just the wording alone, "cave" connected to "home" just seems to be a contradiction in terms. Maybe the infamous "bat boy" lives in one of these beauties? If you are not familiar with him you may have seen him during the Obama's vacation in Hawaii during the holidays, visit his website at

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coffeerama said...

living in a cave-house would be ideal; nothing but peace and quiet all the time