Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Global Warming VS. Baloney

I know what global warming is according to the media but what is baloney?

I had to do a little search to find out what the word "baloney" means. My search found it means, "nonsense." I'm not so sure that this is the only meaning the owners of a fastfood restaurant chain were getting at in Memphis, Tennessee. Considering that it might be a play on the food thing maybe it means something else. According to the Wise Geek, it means:

"One of the founding members of the luncheon meat family is an inexpensive spiced sausage known as bologna. It is a popular alternative to more expensive sliced meats such as roast beef, corned beef or smoked turkey. While bologna is often accused of being composed of "mystery meat", it is actually made from either beef, pork or a combination of both meats. Some higher-end bologna products may contain more exotic meats such as veal, goat or even moose. Meat used in the production of bologna is generally ground to a fine paste before processing, then extruded into a natural or artificial casing." read more....at the wisegeek website.

Okay, okay, I'm still not sure but it seems that bologna is something that is all mixed-up from different sources but for some reason it becomes palatable only if you fry it, add condiments, put it between two pieces of bread and then it becomes edible. Is that what the author of this sign was trying to convey about global warming? I mean that if the issue was left alone it wouldn't be any good or healthy for us but when shrouded in peripherals, then we would accept its' premise, even if it's "BALONEY." I think they might have meant "BOLOGNA." Well, whichever one they meant, WE GET THE MESSAGE!

Now, watch this wonderful little clip of a movie that illustrates perfectly the "shroud" or "mystery" that surrounds the whole global warming issue. I think you will enjoy, laugh but don't cry. The video is from the Monty Python Movie from the eighties. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrzMhU_4m-g

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