Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy Birthday President Obama which is it Kenya or Hawaii?

If you have been following the media reports about the birth certificate controversary since before Barack Hussein Obama was elected as 44th President of the United States, you add one more piece to this confusing puzzle. A newspaper birth announcement cropped up in Hawaii and now a notarized birth certificate has surfaced saying that Barack Hussein Obama was born in Kenya. Kenya? Hmm, is that in Kansas? The answer is "No". You must read the article from WorldNetDaily entitled: "Is this really smoking gun of Obama's Kenyan birth?" Link:

If this birth certifcate is authentic, how does this change the office of the president as it currently stands? As they say, that is the sixty-four thousand dollar question. Questions must be answered like, Does our President step down? Do we turn our heads and allow him to stay in the office? Do we hold a lengthy hearing? Will Hillary Clinton become president? Who is Nancy Pelosi? Where is Joe Binden? Will Wikipedia actually report any of this? Why should I care?

The Huffington Post is reporting that the birth certificate in Kenya is a fake which lends itself to more conspiracy. I would say if the Huffington Post says it's a fake then it must be REAL. Happy Birthday. Release the documents Mr. President and the mystery is solved!

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