Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Racoons Day! February 2, 2010

Oh wait, did someone say that it's groundhogs day? Well, if the PETA(People eating tasty animals) organization has their way, the day of the groundhog is over. I agree! I've never seen a live groundhog except in the zoo! I say let 'em go. Release those critters back into the wild from hence they came.

I contend that since so many raccoons come to the road to sleep anyway that maybe they've developed some sort of "post traumatic raccoon syndrome." Maybe they've developed this because the groundhog has become an elite symbol for many years. The elusive raccoon's time has come. We should give him his rightful place in society. The raccoon should become the newest celebrated animal that we recognize on February 2. We would forever say that summer will be hot when the raccoon has snow on his fur on February 2.

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