Saturday, May 1, 2010

Alabama Tim James 2010 Gov. Candidate Makes International News

It seems that every time I turn on the television or look at the news on the internet, I see someone talking about the Tim James advertisement that has exploded on the scene. News media such as Drudge Report, World Net Daily , RealClearPolitics and others have captured this little tidbit of upheaval in the 2010 Alabama gubernatorial race.

FoxNews commentary, Juan Williams interviewed Tim James to inquire about his recent ad.

Tim James, business man and 2010 gubernatorial candidate for Alabama has silenced his opponents in the race and run-up to the primaries June 1. According to his campaign, he created several videos in February and has just recently posted the 'language video' ad on television. The ad has become controversial according to the current national administration and the tide of media siding with anti-conservative/unconstitutional sentiment already in the U.S. Many groups have made it known that a globalist, highly tolerant atmosphere to all people is the norm of the day, but is it? These globally minded groups are doing just the opposite with smothering the markers put in place by our founders for freedom and liberty. Instead of nurturing these, they only hurt to suppress and eliminate them.

Watch the video below:

Some may say that the Tim James ad has gone too far in light of the recent passing of the illegal immigration law in Arizona but like the Arizona law, Tim James is just stating the obvious common sense kind of thinking that is lacking today. They both reflect the failure of the federal government to act to protect the people and allow individual state governments to make decisions as sovereign governing bodies that they should be as outlined in the U.S. Constitution.

Have we gotten that far from 1773 that we cannot find our way back? I hope not. If we would just enforce the laws currently on the books now, we wouldn't need such laws and controversy. We've gotten ourselves in this mess by being silent for many years. Can we right the wrongs before it's too late?

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