Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Alabama's Tea Party Movement Making Change One Election At A Time

Though many will simply just choose to ignore the truth, many know better.(If you live in the bizarro world of the mainstream media, don't bother to read this. It is a positive article about the wonderful Tea Party Movement in America.)

Two million people arrived in Washington D.C. September 12, 2009 to express their dissatisfaction of their representatives who have thwarted the will of WE THE PEOPLE when they had been asked, told and demanded otherwise. Little was reported in the media about this unprecedented event that took place at America’s Shining City on the Hill, except by the attendees who utilized their cell phones, blogs and radio talk shows. These people recognized that deep burning in their hearts called America but didn’t just leave it there.

Almost a year has passed, these two million now have multiplied their numbers and transferred that fervor to their family, friends and co-workers. All across the nation, these people are carrying the confidence to say ‘no’ to establishment candidates in this election year. The event from last fall has continued a movement that started just a little over a year ago. We can see a reflection and hear the heartbeat in America, called the patriot. They are saying, ‘Enough is Enough!’

In Alabama, hundreds of thousands of voters have said enough in the current gubernatorial primary and run-off election. They have said, ‘No’ to the establishment and ‘No’ to the way things have been done in the past. The voters are fine tuning their requirements to political parties that have gone amuck and awry.

The resounding ‘no’ came from a body of WE THE PEOPLE regardless the party. Though many of the winners were not new movement candidates, the results reflected voters who were scrutinizing every inch of the process and the candidates themselves.

What we did see was a sort of changing of the guard. The establishment wasn’t abolished but only left floundering to fight another day. The winner of the run-off received 12% percent more votes than his top contender and this win was one that came from a supposed dark horse candidate. Voters are tired of Washington, D.C. controlling us like cattle to a slaughter and locally Alabamians spoke out regarding their elected officials.

The vote came from the new movement and resulted in saying 'no.' These votes all originated from lovers of the U.S. Constitution, service men and women and partakers of the American life who may have visited Washington, D.C., September 12, 2009. These people realized from those days a sense of urgency that cannot be wasted on just any political candidate. We are now experiencing the affects of this new movement, the tea party movement whether we choose to recognize it as such or not.

Regardless how or where the winner of the Alabama Gubernatorial GOP runoff candidate received his votes, he won his parties favor and it may not be the ideal outcome but it is a start. He also has the backing of democrats, republicans, conservatives, libertarians, blacks, whites, and the list goes on. The tea party is not a political party, it is a movement. This is what the tea parties are about. Americans coming together for America and to Restore the Constitutional Republic.

WE THE PEOPLE in sync with American politics. It is manifesting itself in the current election cycle in Alabama and across the nation. The powers that be have awakened the sleepy little giant in 2009 and WE THE PEOPLE have been telling our families, friends and foes about the goodness of America ever since. WE THE PEOPLE are awake and speaking up with our vote.

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