Wednesday, September 22, 2010

GOP Makes Attempt To Tea Party

So, we are expected to get excited about the Republican Party as they parade out their leader Michael Steele who has been in hiding since last spring. He is going around the country on a bus protesting Nancy Pelosi. And to think someone donated good money to do this too.

Michael Steele launched the campaign to 'Fire Pelosi'(Read article) after the Obama Health Care Bill w
as signed into law. While I agree that the Health Care Bill is egregious and that Nancy Pelosi should be fired, it seems silly to me to get excited over a public relations gimmick waging a war on her firing? Do they really think someone will walk into her office and hand her a pink slip? How about the issues, legislation, really good legislation sitting out there, not being debated right now? How about REPEALS of these horrific bills they have signed into law? Isn't it our job to hand our representative the pink slip, WE THE PEOPLE, Nov. 2?

As a tea party supporter, I would be more excited about Republican leadership focusing on an issue like a laser beam to turn this country around in a more productive effort. Tea Party people recognize when the Republicans as well as Democrats are exercising their famous smoke and mirrors campaign and this is just another one, they are attempting to cozy up to the tea party movement. The 'Fire Pelosi' is a feeble attempt by the Republican Party to capture the excitement and energy the tea parties have fostered for almost 2 years. Watch the interview with Republican Leader Michael Steele below. This is the first time I've seen him without a coat and tie. Listen to his words....nothing substantive, bankrupt are adjectives that come to mind. See if you agree?


This little exercise in futility being played out in the media and in our town is nothing more than the Republicans gearing up to capture the victory on November 2, 2010. We already know a huge win is looming on the horizon and it's not because of anything the Republican Party has done in a positive way. It is solely because of the Tea Party movement coming on the scene. We are in this mess because the Republicans have played politics voting against the will of the people and said essentially leave us alone. WE have let this go on too long.

The Republicans in the media and online in recent weeks, have been laying the ground wo
rk to point fingers at themselves, to say the Republican's win is grounded in their own laurels. To jump start their effort to claim victory, we first saw Carl Rove, a Republican Leader saying Republicans will win big this Fall but then later he attacked the win of the tea party candidate O'Donnell by not supporting her and she is on the Republican ticket. While we all thought that was horrible, we took sides and he was admonished by the local and state Republican leadership. Carl Rove gave them an easy out to save their local little power houses and make it look as if local Republicans were on board with the O'Donnell tea party types in their own states and districts.

What big idea, or positive issue or bill has the Republicans stood behind and supported in the last five or even ten years? Nada. They have done nothing in fact do you remember TARP 1, TARP 2, Cash For Clunkers, Cash For Refrigerators? How about the 'Fire Pelosi' Bus Tour? The Republicans got behind these. Do you remember how utterly angry you were when you called and emailed your representatives not to do it? Most of the Republicans will be returned to power after November 2. But they have no solid legislation issue in the 2010 election. They are counting on the failure and the backlash against the current administration. We need ordinary citizens getting behind and getting passed excellent legislation, to return power back to WE THE PEOPLE. We need REPEAL on many issues, not just Obama's Health Care Bill. We need Conservative people getting behind Conservatives, running for office, walking their neighborhoods, getting out the conservative tea party vote, registering to vote, educating and informing others. What are you doing?

The 'Fire Pelosi' Bus Tour is currently driving through Alabama. (Read Article) Unlike the tea party they have all their signs printed with no photos just big bold words that can be read at a nice distance and by cameras? These would be called sanitized signs to not offend anyone. Unlike those creative signs from the tea party. Steele was interviewed this morning on one of the early talking shows and he couldn't even remember the name of the city the bus was in!

This play
acting by the two parties along with the media before our eyes is scripted. It's from a page out of the political playbook, it's politics at it's best worse. The difference is the sleeping giant is awake and WE THE PEOPLE aren't buying it this time.

On November 3, life returns to a new normalcy but we are watching, counting the votes and expecting accountability. It will be a new day. It already is.

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Anonymous said...

How do you fire Pelosi? By supporting her GOP opponent, John Dennis.

Unfortunately the GOP has not adequately funded John, thus giving credence to your observation of just more smoke and mirrors.