Monday, January 10, 2011

What happened to the Birds and Fish?

Like you, I find it interesting that thousands of birds dropped from the sky with no explanation. We do find more information coming out now, not just supposition or best guess scenarios.

On December 31, 2010 New Year's Eve weather radar in Beebe, Arkansas saw something on the radar. Watch Video where the birds fell:

We also have learned that earlier in December on the 16th the weather patterns circled back around to Canada from the U.S. which does not happen. Watch Video:

Now we are getting a report about the birds and what could have possibly happened. Watch Video:

What have we learned here?

1) Weather goes in the opposition direction 15 days before the bird incident. This may or may not be related.
2) Something shows up on weather radar above where the birds fell to the ground. No one can explain what that "something" is.
3) Best guess on deaths of birds blunt force trauma. Did the ground cause it or the "something" that showed up on weather radar.
4) How does the dead animal incident relate to the December 16th weather pattern?
5) Why did the fish die and is it related?
6) What are some saying could have caused both animals deaths?
7) Could certain type of vibrations have caused both these delicate animals to perish? Could sound be an issue. One of the reports in Beebe, Arkansas said they heard a sound before the birds dropped and didn't explain the sound nor did they think it fireworks. So what was it?
8) The radar indicated something at 1300-1400 feet above and it did move and a higher energy that returned to the radar. The birds were flying low.

Listen to the Audio Show. "End Time Tribune" radio show, Stan Deyo, Stewart Best, Larry Taylor, host Matthew Miller-round table. 3 hours

The distance between the 5,000 birds(5 miles) and the 100,000 fish(twenty miles the fish covered) were 125 miles apart. The weather radar event was above where any fireworks were. Does this sound funny to you or maybe something people might have said in the days of Noah?

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