Monday, August 15, 2011

Herman Cain Won ALGOP Straw Poll

Alabama Republican Party winner of the straw poll as declared Presidential Candidate Herman Cain with 47% on Saturday, 13, 2011 Summer event. I would make this distinction for any of the other declared candidates as well if they had of won. The ALGOP is tauting the winner R.Perry who was undeclared at the time. This report stinks to high heaven with no mention of top DECLARED WINNER.

Perry wasn't a candidate at the time of this poll. I wonder if Palin got any write-in votes that were simply not reported? Why didn't they just say Bachmann won because she was female or Paul won because he's got the nicest grey-hair? Do you see my point?

Herman Cain: 47
Mitt Romney: 36
Michele Bachmann: 24
Newt Gingrich: 11
Ron Paul: 3
Tim Pawlenty: 3
Rick Santorum: 3
Gary Johnson: 2
write in perry: 101


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