Sunday, October 23, 2011

Why Is Your Church Still Promoting Rick Warren?

That's right did you sit in Church last Sunday and hear a video presentation that Rick Warren as the on-air host? Well, if you haven't heard by now your world just got a little smaller because Rick Warren continues to swoon unknowing congregates to globalist, common good, we are the world philosophy and that Allah is the same as the Jewish-Christian God of the Bible, which couldn't be farther from the truth. He has set up a system for followers to purchase his books and materials directly and through churches but also to direct pastors and teachers to keep their flocks of sheeple in close check.

Read the following articles to find out just what you are being fed:

Books: Purpose Driven Life, 40 Days of Love, The Relationship Principles of Jesus by Warren's Brother In Law, Tom Holloday.

I hope next Sunday or before next Sunday when you confront your Sunday School Teacher or Pastor, Deacon or Elder that you remember our little talk and remember at that time when they look at you funny that you really don't have a horn growing out your forehead. It's not just hearsay it really is true. BAAAAAAA!

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