Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mayor Larry Langford Expected to get a 51% Raise!

Wow! Most people who work can only hope to get a 4% pay raise annually only if they're lucky. By my observations, Mayor Langford has gotten a double dose of luck. Not so fast, he is a government employee, voted in by the people, that is the people in the metro city of Birmingham. I really don't hear anyone in Metropolitan Birmingham complaining. He is enjoying the fruits of our hard earned taxed payer dollars whether you think he is doing a good job or not. He is certainly keeping radio, television, and media moguls hopping these days.

The argument from Rep. John Rogers is that by giving Mayor Langford the substantial raise, brings his salary up to state standards. See Report CBS42. Right or wrong, if he is granted his nearly $45,000 raise, an additional $25,000 yearly increase, $20,000 yearly expense allowance, free vehicle and $800 vehicle allowance. With all being said, the citizens would feel much better if things were not in such a quandry while the city drags on with all the problems and the shenanigan's surrounding the mayor and the city.

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Anonymous said...

is he for real? i'm glad i dont live there!