Thursday, April 10, 2008

Voter Clothespins Will Help Ease Burden Come November

Are you still not sure who to vote for or if you are going to vote at all during the 2008 Presidential Election? There is still hope. You can go to the polls this Fall and vote and feel good about not voting your conscience. Get an "unofficial" John McCain, Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama Voter Clothespin. This effective little tool allows you to go into the polls and vote for whomever -worry free!

Here is an opportunity to validate its' effectiveness, just in time too. Read Article: Senator John McCain to visit Birmingham April 21 Get the details on his upcoming visit.

Disclaimer: You too can show support for any candidate before this Fall with it's use during all the conventions, the townhall-meetings, the debates or any news report!

1 comment:

NMI Guy said...

Hey Murphey Monkey, I don't think that most polling places will allow the Voter Clothespins. They might consider it electionering to make a statement that, for instance, John McCain doesn't smell as bad as one of the other two. I can see them worn fashionably at the mall or at work. 8<)