Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What do Caroline Kennedy and Sarah Palin have in Common?

You got it, nothing! Well, actually they are both women I'll spot you that one but other than that they don't have a thing in common. You ask why would Caroline Kennedy be given the honor of being a Senator of New York? I haven't a clue but why did her predecessor Hillary Rodham Clinton get elected to this seat? It's got to do with money and name recognition. You see when you don't have anything to offer intellectually speaking then you had better have a name that will bring monies to the table and that's it pure and simple. Sarah Palin on the other came up from nothing like the common person. No name, no monies, a clean record and lots of smarts! The only thing is since the media is in the tank for liberal democratically affiliated agenda seekers, Sarah Palin wasn't one of 'em. She was a pawn or token if you will, by John McCain to offer her up to the conservative side of the GOP that he ticked-off earlier in the last election. The non issue with Palin was that she still didn't fit the mold for the media's future goals. For the GOP it was the right election, the right vice presidential pick but the wrong presidential choice.

See the video below the way in which New York's senatorial seat selection has been validated by the powers that be on how they intend on replacing Hillary. What they are offering is that all a person has to do is to go to Harlem with Al "Pencil Sharp" Sharpton and eat some soul food of cornbread, turnip greens and peas. Poor Hillary she continues to get dumped on. There may be a dark cloud over her.

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