Monday, January 11, 2010

Alabama Legislators Asleep at the Wheel?

Or are they? It is an election year and the legislators will go into panic mode once again. They will play politics as usual to devise their plans to keep the two party system the status quo. The tax payer/worker bee will suffer in this election because tax revenues are down, way, way, down and everyone knows that the government doesn’t actually generate money. It’s the hard working joe six pack. We are putty in the politicians' hands in any given election year and this one is no different?

The 2010 Alabama legislation is about to begin this week Jan. 12, 2010 and if you read the article from the Birmingham News you get more of a sense that Alabama legislators are more concerned about state revenue being down, which translates into not being able to fund their pet projects. We know that pork and ear marks, lobbyists and pet projects keep the greasy voter wheel slick in an election year. This year will be more of a challenge because the federal government is not playing footsies with the states and WE THE PEOPLE and their Constitution are getting trampled on so they have a two-sided problem to solve.

In the article, there is no mention of the three bills that will be introduced on Tuesday, January 19, 2010 where it's expected that thousands of concerned citizens and tea party goers will rally for there support at NOON in front of the State House to demand quick and easy passage of State Sovereignty, HealthCare Amendment and Firearms/Gun Ammo Bill. WE THE PEOPLE will meet with our legislators and ask for quick passage to protect our state and it’s people.

The article mentions: "sobering budget outlooks to debates over gambling, ethics and well as charter schools." Where does it mention the three that I just listed above? With the federal government about to take over 1/6th of our economy and our Constitution be trampled on what recourse do we as citizens have against a tyrannical government, very little. Our second line of defense is states rights and that is where these three pieces of legislation come in if the federal legislation is passed.

If the three pieces of legislation aren't seriously consider and passed soon in our state you can get ready to pay for healthcare insurance or be fined for not doing so. The time is now with multiple attempts made to get it passed. Soon, our federal government may be forcing upon us a product that we do not choose to purchase which is unconstitutional. We need to join Tennessee, Alaska and soon 33 other states to declare our state sovereignty in which the federal government cannot force this on us as well as keeping our right to bear arms including not having to register firearm ammunition.

Do you see now why these three pieces should be passed now? Have you been asleep?

The 2009 version of the Alabama State Sovereignty Bill was held up because of Rep. Ken Guin (D) who is a member of the rules committee. He is from Tuscaloosa.
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