Friday, August 15, 2008

Alabama Bigfoot Found in Georgia...Could it be the mother lode of finds!

In 2001, Wayne Ford, wrote an article in the Athens Dailey News/Athens Banner- Herald suggesting that the film footage of a bigfoot in Northern Californa in 1967 was the "gold nugget of Bigfoot lore". If that is true,then the mother lode of bigfoot lore has been found in 2008 in North Georgia.

Several reports indicate the discovery of a deceased ape/human-like body. Read article and see photos in the Atlanta Constitution Journal.

Will there be others fleeing our state coinciding with the announcement from Forbes Magazine that Nick Saban is the "Sports' most powerful Coach". Maybe the human side of the creature can read and inadvertently got his hands on the article. Suppose he fled in terror only to take refuge in the mountains of north Georgia? Whatever the reason, it could be discovered that he has Alabama roots! Next thing you know we will be seeing UFO's hovering over our cities, with aliens claiming they are God and pulling along Go BAMA or OBAMA 4 President banners!

Check out the website, "Searching for Bigfoot" for more information regarding the huge press conference scheduled to reveal evidence on the bigfoot's DNA and photos. News conference will be from 2:00 to 3:00pm CST, Friday, Aug. 15, 2008.
Finally, we can look to the Alabama coach's power in like to the bigfoot issue by entertaining the idea that the Bama victory will flee to our neighbors to the east on Sept. 27 when the Crimson Tide goes to Athens to play Georgia that day.

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