Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Why Mike Huckabee will not be the VP Pick.

Murphy Monkey picks VPs for Presidential Contenders
The pass is long, our guy is running....running and................... he catches it! Wait this is not a football game but the 2008 Presidential Race which includes picking someone for a Vice President. Both the Democrat and Republican Parties will be choosing who they think would help get them elected this year. The person who would essentially bring much favor, and votes for them this Fall. It is anyone's guess who these will be but it is interesting reading the blogs, watching the T.V. talking heads and hearing the talk radio chat boxes weighing in on this occurance.
The little Murphy Monkey will go ahead and put his two-cents worth of opinion in on who he believes the possible VP's will be.

On the Democrat side for Barack Obama, the Murphy Monkey chooses for Vice Presidential pick, Hillary Clinton. The reasons are because she has already been in the White House with her President husband, Bill. She is a woman and it is a 'woman's turn' to hold this high office(which is what I hear all the time). She is a Senator and she was Barack's Democrat contender for the same position recently. The clincher that does it with adding Hillary to the mix is that she is the only one who can deliver the votes OBama needs to close the deal and obtain the victory.
On the opposite side of the isle, the Republican Vice Presidential pick for John McCain will not be Mike Huckabee.Blogs indicate that Huckabee is one of the top choices that will solidify the conservative base which is key to carrying the McCain Team to the inauguration but I don't believe that is enough. My choice for Vice President is J.C. Watts. Why J.C. Watts? He is experienced. He has been a Congressman, a professional football player and a pastor. More importantly, he is a conservative, a pro-lifer and is black. If J.C. Watts is chosen as VP, it will be a surprise and few will see it coming but it makes sense. Unlike Hillary, who there really is no one else for the Democrat Candidate to choose, Watts will be the perfect fit for today's GOP Presidential Candidate, here and now.
What others are saying about J.C.Watts as VP.
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