Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hillary NOT proud to be a wife? Why?

At the DNC(Democratic National Convention) last Tuesday evening. Presidential/Vice Presidential possibility Hillary Clinton said, "I'm here tonight as a proud mother, a proud democrat, as a proud senator from New York, a proud American, and a proud supporter of Barack Obama." Poor Bill! Isn't his damsel in distress proud of him too? After all, he's the one who got her this far and she has stood by her him throughout all this fumblings in his political career.

Democrat Presidential HOPEful Barack OBama announced his vice presidential nominee, Joe Biden at 3:00 am. Why 3:00 am? Hillary had made a comment some time ago questioning the legitimacy of OBama, if president, being ready to successfully deal with a 3:oo am call about some dire national crisis? Could she have been alluding to his preparedness to handle war? The timing of his VP announcement was a stab at her and her comment about his ability.

Looking back at Hillary's recent 2008 run for the White House, I will miss guessing what color outfits she will come up with next. Her yellow one was one of my favorites which got plenty of bumble bee comments from the media. The latest one that will live in my mind forever will the the orange one. I call that one her, Halloween Surprise which was well coordinated with Chelsea's basic black. Hillary's bright orange pant suit, reminds me of the Charlie Brown story about the "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown". Somewhere I read that Hollywood claimed that orange was the new power color. I guess they were wrong. Maybe this was her debutt as a children's book author with her daughter. After all, other than being Senator, she will have lots of free time on her hands. If the writing thing doesn't work out, she could be cast for a part in the movie remake, "The Wizard of Oz". Possible casting parts include: Dororthy, Toto and the Wicked Witch of the West. I liked the part where evil was conquered and the witch said, "Help me, I'm melting." You decide which part suits her best?

Maybe Bill has been picking out all those colorful suits.

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inkslwc said...

But even better than her not mentioning her being a proud wife was the caption for Bill: "Hillary's husband." That one actually made me laugh.