Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Birmingham Citizens bend over and touch your toes!

If you are familiar with the sewer debt and all the controversy surrounding it for Jefferson County and the surrounding area, then you now know you have been ignored again by the Jefferson County Commission and specifically, Bettye Fine Collins.

If you watch the following video of a commission meeting recorded by the local NBC13 affiliate, toward the end, a small eruption occurred by a local talk show host and while it was occurring a vote was taken.

This slick and quick vote took maybe 10 seconds at best.(If you blink you will miss it.) Commissioner Carns, who was sitting right next to the President didn't even get to vote! This vote will cost the tax payers nearly one million dollars over three months. It is too hire a lobbyist to go to Washington to beg for money to pay for the ill managed sewer debt. The former county commission was the responsible group who made poor choices in securing variable mortgage rates which will have no good end for the water and sewer users and non-users. The current commission simply continues to mess-up the mess. For one thing, we don't need to hire lobbyists to go to Washington, D.C., we have Congressmen and Senators to do this for us.Recourse to stop the insanity has been taken by the Greater Birmingham Young Republicans recently. They "unanimously passed a resolution" asking "for Collins to leave the party." An official of the group said, that Collins had forced a change of the "Republican commission into a majority Democrat commission."

They also included in their request for her to leave her post with Alabama's Republican National Party.

The official said the full executive committee will vote on Feb. 6-7 in Montgomery and that the vote would be "the only way action can be taken against any member." For more information, please contact: Philip Bryan, Comm. Director, for the Alabama GOP.

Other groups opposing Mrs. Collins include: The Mid-Alabama Republican Club and The Greater Birmingham Republican Women, Mary Ellen Snell, Vice Chair who said, "As a Republican women's group, our mission is to elect conservative women of character into leadership." Contact: Margie George at


Anonymous said...

You stated "This vote will cost the tax payers nearly one million dollars over three months."

This is incorrect. The contract was for 3 months at a cost of $237,500 as amended.

Anonymous said...

Correction on the amount.

It should have read $237,000 for every 3 months with a total of nearly $1,000,000. Whether it's $2 or $1,000,000 the method and fact they did it are illogical.

See article here: