Friday, January 9, 2009

Conyers said that Gupta would represent the face of healthcare

W H I C H......... O N E ?
The reported this week that Representative John Conyers is not happy about the choice for surgeon general Sanjay Gupta. Conyers is a fan of universal healthcare. Will government do a better job in healthcare than the private sector as seen in the Veterans' Administration healthcare? One must wonder. If his nomination is confirmed, then, which "face" will Gupta be to our healthcare system? (pronounced Goop - ta!) We currently have the best healthcare. Everyone comes to the U.S. to get it! The problem has been created over time with trial lawyers getting their way and causing healthcare costs to go up by frivolous lawsuits. The healthcare institutions simply pass the costs on to us. Why doesn't Rep. Conyers spend his time getting rid of all those costly lawsuits!

Read Mike Huckabee's positive comments regarding Gupta and the convincing argument against Michael Moore's "fantasy about Cuba as a Health Care Mecca." Entitled: Huckabee’s Statement on Michael Moore July 13, 2007

If Representative Conyers gets his way then the "face" of America's healthcare may be his own.

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