Monday, January 5, 2009

Barack Obama, Restaurant Reviewer loves the Southern Sampler

If you thought all the hoopla in Chicago wasn't enough to keep your mind whirling with amazement with this next President then you haven't seen the latest YouTube Video which has cropped up out of thin air. Remember, the U.S. has come off it's pain staking election cycle of 2008. We've seen many unusual and bizarre things in the media and on the internet and we recently been enundated with the photos of the upcoming first family in all their beach attire on vacation in Hawaii. Now we learn that our President Elect was a restaurant reviewer in 2001. (See Video Below) He says, "Those Johnny Cakes will get you early, then you won't have time or room for the peach cobbler" at the Dixie Kitchen and Bait Shop in Chicago, Illinois.

I wonder if he has ever been to the Shuck-n-Jive Restaurant in Dallas, Texas or has any plans to do so?

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