Monday, January 19, 2009


He's the one at the podium silly! Raising his right hand taking the oath of office. Today marks the beginning of a new age of thinking. A rebuilding of the government. The day ALL our differences between us have been wiped away. The entire line of underwear at Walmart now says, "one size fits all". All age, race, gender and cultural differences have been erased. The comic strip "Spiderman" has published a special edition featuring the newly elected President. The NAACP and ACLU have been disbanded. FoxNews has hired all non conservative news bees. CNN is once more King of the television moguls and Rush Limbaugh announces his run for President in 2012. No more differences between political parties either.

The only thing I haven't seen or heard in the media regarding the inauguration festivities are alien space ships hovering in the sky over Washington, D.C. saying, "Take me to your leader." This entire election campaign and inaugural festivities have all been so very surreal surrounding a man who has appeared out of no where. Like his campaign pledge, I am still HOPEful that change is coming while I am proud that we can come together as Americans and have civility in the process.

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